A sweet loft conversion wet room

We are absolutely delighted with how this little gem turned out. Our customer came to us and asked if it was possible to turn this dead space in the loft, into a wet room area. Without any drainage nearby or pipework necessary for the wet room, we knew it would a difficult task, but we never like to turn down a challenge, and generally anything is achievable, so we agreed it would be possible.

Firstly, we had to connect onto the nearest heating pipes, along with a hot and cold feed from below and run them up into the loft. We then studded off the rear wall to run all of our pipework in. Taking the shower waste externally, we then fitted the wet room tray, and fitted an UFH mat on top of, then applying a screed of self levelling compound on top of that.

The area was then tiled as shown in the pictures, with the sanitary fitted after. The end result was a beauty, with both ourselves and the customers left extremely satisfied.

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